29 October 2017


(c) Ralf Schulze
the alternate title for this is "the upside down"
this was fun.... still getting used to a white gel pen.
only 6.5 x 5.0 using acrylic paint and ink and color pencil

22 October 2017


(c) Ralf Schulze
started around May this year.  no paint. only  ink and color pencil.
I really like how it turned out!

16 October 2017


(c) Ralf Schulze
ink and color pencil on watercolor paper.
approx 5 x 6.5 in.

15 October 2017

Mik Rez & Friends

(c) Ralf Schulze
Thinking about my old friend who passed away almost 5 years ago.

at a certain point, early on while drawing this, I knew it was of him.  The rest just came to me. 
I still don't know if it means anything.
I still miss him.

07 October 2017

odd little sketch thing

(c) Ralf Schulze
curious sketch on kraft card stock approx 4,5 x 6,5

acrylic, red ink , white gel pen, graphite pencil.

17 September 2017

The Incomplete Enchanter

(c) Ralf Schulze
white gel pen, graphite pencil and red pencil on kraft colored card stock  approx 5" x 6.25"
Had fun with this experiment

11 September 2017

Powder Love

(c) Ralf  Schulze
Ink, white gel pen and color pencil on beige acid-free card stock.  8.5 x 11

05 September 2017

Mother Earth

(c)Ralf Schulze
Started the acrylic back in 2014. Then cut it down to 5.5" x 8.5".
Embelished with color pencil, ink and white gel pen.
signed at top left for no particular reason.

29 August 2017

That Place Below

(c)Ralf Schulze
Another psychedelic experiment with ink and color pencil on that wonderful background of brown kraft paper!  This is approx  6,5" x 5.0"
Had fun with pure white high quality gel pen!
This is going to my nephew as a belated birthday gift.  Sending tomorrow (8-30-2017)

17 August 2017

August Startings

current work started and continuing to play with!
The usual kraft paper card stock and regular 8.5 x 11 stuff.