01 March 2015

Old Original Hand-carved Rubber Stamps

(c)Ralf Schulze
Here is a first sample of some of the rubber stamps I carved and created back in my hard-core Mail-art period of 1986-1990. 
From top left to bottom right:
The address stamp was a drawing i sent to a company to create the rubber stamp.  The gaps on this stamping is basically rubber rot due to it being 25+years old..
The Little Aardvark popping thru the page, waving and smiling is a store bought find I couldn't resist and have used it hundreds of times!
the envelope stamp I carved from an eraser.
And I also carved the "AARDVARK MAIL"  Stamp.
The special Delivery stamp is just cool...

So I am milking it.... I have a few more hand carved rubber stamps to post in the near future.

27 February 2015

Ointment Service

(c)2015 Ralf Schulze
Found some new kraft color paper and did up this study.
its is 5 x 7

25 February 2015

23 February 2015

Yellow Computer Doodle

Ralf 2013
I played with computer  art.  I used a Bamboo tablet with a Corel program and found it interesting.
The Bamboo tablet was kinda cool because it conveyed the pressure of your stylus to the strength of the line / brush-strock.

But in the end, Since I work on a computer every day - 12-days a week.  I figure that I need a break from perfection and have to keep making art using those occasionally unerasable media called ink and paint.
  Currently I am in a Artist's equililent of a writer's Block.

21 February 2015

Unstart of cool owl watercolor and ink

I made this a decade and a half ago based on a piece I saw at the VMA here in Richmond at the time

19 February 2015

Lost My Horn - Album cover - Mr. Suburbia

Even though I made this 4 years ago and we made various other covers for the potential CD by Mr. Suburbia.
It still has not been " Released"

17 February 2015

Dinky Doo Finisher - New Bit

(c)1986 Ralf Schulze
Another Dinky stories page.   I love how nearly spontaneous this looks, yet I am sure I stressed a little over some of the details.

All good.  I've got new ideas in mind,
So don't think I'm just filling this blog up with old minicomix pages - day-by-day.

They are good filler - since I can only post my art.

had some hardish times lately  that kept me away from art; with power out on Sunday the 15th and work stress during most of the week and then frozen pipes recently...

15 February 2015

Dinky the "doo"

(c)1986 Ralf Schulze
Back cover of "Dinky Stories #2"
I did some playful "blind" drawings of my characters back then in 1986.
This i did with my eyes closed and then added the circle and outlining and cross-hatching.
Purely for fun.

13 February 2015

The World of Dinky Doo is Nuts

(c) 1986 Ralf Schulze
Another page from my sophomore effort at a mini-comic back in 1986 - DINKY STORIES #2.

This page is so silly.  I noticed that I forgot Dinky's arms in the bottom left image!  OOPS!

I must have been high on Dinking.

Happy Friday the Thirteenth to everyone.

11 February 2015

Stupid Stamp Strip

(c) 1986 Ralf Schulze
This is from my minicomic, Dinky Stories #2.  Three carved rubber-stamps and some word balloons! (with subtle embellishments)
I was 26 years old and this was my sense of humor then. 
I still think it is funny.
The last panel is a rubber stamp of Dinky Doo, the "poortagonist" of the minicomic.