27 January 2015

No Ears

A doodle / sketch page of aliens and monsters that do not have ears.  Done a few years ago.  Just off the top of my head and quite fast.  I think I was a Meetup of Aspiring cartoonists at the time.  I still keep in touch with them via facebook.

25 January 2015

Underground Hideout

(c)2015 Ralf Schulze
Another 5.5" x 4.0" Kraft paper sketch.  I like working with the limited pallet.

23 January 2015

Why I Have No Ears - Stinky Poo 1989

(c)1989 Ralf Schulze
Back in 1989 I did a lot of comix and had a character named Dinky Doo.
I also used speedball or crow quill tips on a dip pen to ink the comix.  I am a lefty and push my drawing utensil and sometimes when I used a ink pen, it would splat and mess everything up.
I did a bunch of Stinky poo comix and let the splats happen for the fun of it!
This one has never been published (Ha, published! Like my printing out 50 copies of a minicomic was a publication).
If you look close at the 2nd panel, I used an "oops!" rubberstamp I have!

21 January 2015

Old Ink & Watercolor that really never jelled

(c) Ralf Schulze
This 4" x 6" piece has been kicking around for 20 years and every once in a while I would do a little something to it and never be be quite satisfied with the results. 
 I think I added a little color pencil a couple of years ago.

I used real India Ink with a dip / quill type pen for the initial outlines.

it is on very thick watercolor paper.

Maybe I'll send it to a friend as an actual postcard Soon!

20 January 2015

Mr.Suburbia 3D Model Solidworks

About 4 years ago when we started using Solidworks at my job, I played with it to create a Mr. Suburbia Head.
Took a few lunch hours to get it right.
I featured a video of it in a video back then. 

Click Here to Check out the video

17 January 2015

Great In-process art from September 2014

Made new "paint"on paper to work on for the future back in September 2014.
cool stuff and fun times.
Thanks Dave!

15 January 2015

Versions of Variables

(c)2015 Ralf Schulze
This is on kraft-colored acid free card stock.  Only 5.5" x 4" and I worked on this last night and this evening! 
Ink and color pencil.
Essentially a study in Black, white and sepia tones.
I had fun and let things just flow!

13 January 2015

My First ACEO / Art Card / Sketch Card Revisited - kind of...

(c)2010 Ralf Schulze
This is a digitally colored image of my very first Art Card (baseball card sized [2.5" x 3.5"])

Please check out the post of the actual card that I hand colored with watercolor back in 2010, here.

Please check it out! click this now!

I manipulated it back in 2010 and  didn't have any fancy digital image manipulation software then and I still refuse to buy anything like that.  I use Gimp (open source) and  Corel Painter Essentials 4 if I really need to do some semi-high-tech stuff. 
I'm old-school and prefer to hand color stuff!
What i do like about the generally recent technology is the ability to scan or photograph so cheaply and have the "process" available to view!

11 January 2015


(c)2015Ralf Schulze
New art
Only 4" x 6" (postcard-size)
ink and color pencil.
 some "spots' are part of the paper...

09 January 2015

Another Video: The C Words

Another Video from the same day as the previous post!
So this post makes me even on the every-other day art post (I prefer odd # days)