28 May 2017


(c) Ralf Schulze
approx 5 x 7 ink and color pencil on acid-free kraft card stock.

15 May 2017

... and The Holy Ghost

(c) Ralf Schulze
Been creating these Ink and color pencil only pieces in a "cross/plus-sign" composition lately and this is one of my favorites!
I am not religious in any usual way, but always am open minded and think that our human existence is the most profound thing in this world.  Not to mention that the Golden Rule is always the best idea.

I also believe that if YOU are offended, That is your personal issue, not the offender's.

This was created earlier this year, Probably  around February.

10 May 2017

Art Card: "Careful"

(c) Ralf Schulze
Another art card.  Watercolor, ink and color pencil on thick watercolor paper.
Sent to friend down south.

05 May 2017

Art Card: "Winter Marks"

(c) Ralf Schulze
Extruded this painterly original art card or ACEO (Art Card Editions or Original) using my patent pending "Art-Card-Window" from a larger, nondescript work.
there is plenty of acrylic paint via painting knife on this little doozy.
Acrylic paint, ink and color pencil on brown acid-free card stock.

02 May 2017


(c) Ralf Schulze
A recent art card (2.5" x 3.5") made with watercolor, ink and color pencil on thick watercolor paper.
I gave it to my parents.

30 April 2017

Ghost Worm

(c) Ralf Schulze
Finished this during a Meetup of
"Aspiring Artists of Richmond"

Acrylic paint, ink and color pencil on 8.5 x 11  dark gray acid-free card stock.

signed at an angle because it looks good horizontal or vertical.

currently framed as shown.

26 April 2017

While Watching Baseball's World Series Final Game

(c) Ralf Schulze
I'm not a sports fan at all. But I'm willing to watch Baseball because the pace suits my demeanor.  So I stayed up late with a sketch book and some beers and even called my Friend Bill, who I knew was watching too.  We had a good time chatting and watching.  This is one of the better sketches.
I was not trying to draw the game just getting the vibe from it.

23 April 2017

Happy Apocalypse

(c) Ralf Schulze
Archival ink markers on acid-free white card stock.
It is 5.5" x 8.5".  Finished it in February.