29 April 2012

The Pink Space

(c)2012 Ralf Schulze
I'm still exploring this format of 8.5 x 11 acid-free colored paper with acrylic paint, ink and colored pencil.

I'm doing more detail with the colored pencil.

I like how this one feels. I worked on it in the vertical format, but others said they liked it better this way.  Hence the angled signature.

this is the paint only, before embellishment!

19 April 2012

The Mawr (Creation)

(c)2012 Ralf Schulze
My latest in the knifed acrylic with color  pencil on color paper.

It is 8 1/2 x 11

I spent a lot of time with the color pencil.

This is the paint only.

This is a negative image!

09 April 2012

05 April 2012

Ugly Fish

Usually I keep things mostly unrecognizable but I couldn't help but reveal this fish.

04 April 2012


(c)2012 Ralf Schulze
 Newest on very dark gray paper.  I would have said Black, but the Black Prismacolor pencil showed up on it, so it must be dark gray.

I had a ton-o-fun with this one and went a little crazy with the color pencil detail.


(c)2012 Ralf Schulze
 I am a little behind the eightball with posting to the artblog here.

This is the usual media and size (see other works)

Please go see this at my FINEARTAMERICA gallery for some wicked cool close-ups!