26 October 2013

In The End

(c)1988 Ralf Schulze
A crazy, big (9 x 12) drawing with ink.  I was in a mode to do "Blind" drawings and then add to them.
That is why Dinky Doo looks odd... I drew him with my eyes closed.

"In the end, the future is Death"
"None of us will get out of Here alive!"

Another Envelope Art

(c)2013 Ralf Schulze
Titled "Fourth Reunion" and it's the same size and media as the others (click here). Media being ink and color pencil.... Love that kraftpaper color as a base...

09 October 2013


(c)2013 Ralf Schulze
I started this one on a bigger 12 x 12 acid-free card stock (made for scrap-booking) and trimmed it down to my standard 8.5 x 11.
The usual acrylic paint, ink and Color pencil.
Let me know what you think!