28 February 2011

Interesting Art Card process

For those who like the Process of creating art (me included) Here is an Art Card (ACEO=Art Card Editions & Original) original.  Standard 2.5" x 3.5" (the size of a baseball card)

I made this about 4 months ago but lost the ink only scan on my computer (I'm not the most organized guy).  I finally found it today and decided to post the 3 images.
This is a slightly obscene side note on  a theme I've been into since 2007.
I used ink, watercolor and color pencil.
(c) 2010 Ralf Schulze

(c) 2010 Ralf Schulze
(c) 2010 Ralf Schulze
(c) 2010 Ralf Schulze

27 February 2011

Color Sketch

(c)2009 Ralf Schulze
This is a color sketch I did in Jan. 2009, about 2 yrs ago.

Titled: "Committee"
            Acrylic on Black 9 x 12 cardstock.

26 February 2011

Three-in-One Result!!!

Triptych Mess
Here we are revisiting my post from Feb. 13th.

From the scan that I posted I printed it out on regular paper on my cheapo injet printer.

Then I used a sharpie, a black ballpoint pen and a few color pencils to embellish it.

Mounted on 2.5" x 3.5" cardstock.  Each image is a seperate Art Card!

Mr. Suburbia turns into a Zombie
"My Juice!"
An Itch

25 February 2011

2006 Studio

 Some pics of my Studio in Bainbridge NY in 2nd Floor of a barn. Still have some remnant artwork there. (Been trying to sell the property for $70,000 for the past 3+ years)

Feel free to ask questions... Not all the art is mine (most is) the upper center in bottom pic is by William Randazzo, That painting is here in Richmond now.

24 February 2011

Old lost Painting

(c)1983 Ralf Schulze
  I did a series of enamel on paper at the end of my college time.  It was probably the summer and even probably after graduation because I did these in one of the painting Classrooms on the 4th floor. I used very stinky, smelly enamel paint I found in the work shop of my dad's basement.  I made about 8 or 9 of them and took slides of them.

So here is the first.  It is from a photo of me in a sailor suit when I was like 4 yrs old.   The idea was to take a photo, or even a newspaper image, and paint it upside-down with a very limited color pallet (whatever colors I found in my Dad's old enamel paint!).  I literally copied the image upside down quickly. And let the drips happen!

The Paper I used was a good size, something like 4 feet x 3 feet.  Most of the set I have no idea what happened to.
I'll post more of these in the future. look for labels of "large"

23 February 2011

Cool Old Abstract Landscape

(c)1983 Ralf Schulze
This is an old ink and watercolor that if memory serves me is approx. 9" x 12" on watercolor paper.

But this image is from a old photograph and it is all I got. I have no idea where the original is.

But even then, it shows my "style".  I think.  Abstract images with a landscape composition.

22 February 2011

New Unf Port

This is recent. 6" x 12" pencil and acrylic on thick "canvas" textured paper.  Nice stuff to play with.

But I was just messin' around and what I might do is either or both :
1. go over it with a nice liner brush and black acrylic (and other colors)
2. layer over it with color pencils.

21 February 2011

The 3D Flaming Continuous Gorilla painting

I  painted this acrylic on formed black plastic sheet (I took it from the old plastic company I worked for in 2006-2007)

The eyes and teeth parts come forward approx 5 inches.  The dimensions are 20" x 20" approx.

So it was fun and it is still in Bainbridge NY

20 February 2011

"Forever Unfinished"

This started as a found painting on canvas at a thrift shop with a very amatuerish practice image, back in around 2003.
I painted over it and every once in a while add a little something to it, but it never seems to gel.  I haven't worked on it since 2009.

Some of my thoughts about it are: underwater, Gorky, Kandinsky, Bacon, Alien landscape.......

It is 14" x 18" oil and acrylic on stretched canvas.

19 February 2011

Brand New video: "Spooky Crap"

I'm trying to sort through all the crap on my PC and I saved multiple folders of files from older PCs and found a bunch of GIF mini animation files that I saved 6 or 7 years ago.  A lot of them with a skeleton and sci-fi theme.

So I put this video together on Movie maker. Took about 1 1/2 hrs. 

It ain't Halloween but what the hell!

18 February 2011

Testing, Testing

This one from about 9 months ago, started out as a test for how the new 6" x 6" pad of smooth bristol board reacts to the media I like to use.

It turned into this and I turned into a CD cover of a mix CD.

17 February 2011

Small Turkey Sculpture

I made this in 1989.
It is only about 10 inches tall.
It is welded bronze on a stainless steel base.

16 February 2011

Fun & Games with your Internal Organs!

This is a double scan of an old comic I did for a Glossy Humor magazine Start-up (from 1988) called "Anything but Monday". Together this was one page sized Like Time magazine.  "Anything but Monday" was created by Frank Nora and his friend and it lasted maybe 6 issues.
Frank Nora's mind runs non-stop and he found his calling doing a daily radio/web cast from NYC.

The Frank Nora Show!

check it out!!!!

15 February 2011

Photo vs Scanner vs Real Life

Okay, so I thought I'd get into how I turn my Actual Painted objects into a digital entity. A very contentious topic, but I'm going to be flippant, obvious and selfish.  I took various pictures of this painting "Poppies" that is actually 9" x 10.75" (my scanner bed is 8.5" x 11.75" and I don't think it can actually scan the full 11.75").
So the scanner cuts off 1/2"  I also have a HP Photsmart E427 that cost me $70 about 4 years ago. (It does max 6megapixels).  I tried it in various lighting and camera settings but mostly the lighting was flourescent and dim and I used flash and One even has the camera flash covered with a paper card.
First is the scanner. and the rest are what they are! I find it funny How different thesame picture can look!

By the way, the painting is Collage and Acylic on wood that I created in 2006.

"Poppies" (c)2006 Ralf Schulze

14 February 2011


monoko from Yume-Nikki screenshot

So, My daughter is really into web-comics and related online video games and she asked me to draw this character, "Monoko" she is a mutant girl who is always in the dark and rarely seen and has a hole in her body. Don't ask me the details.
Anyway I decided to give it a try and paint it on one of the 8" x 10" canvas boards.

So here is mine so far.  I've done more since this scan but It's not quite ready for either a finished scan or another "in-process" scan.

13 February 2011

Triptych Mess

(c)Ralf Schulze
More fun at the painting table!
This is wide open!  created due to surplus paint of colors I like.  I am thinking: 1. Mr. Suburbia; 2. ACEO art card set.
This is pencil and acrylic (so far) on 5" x 11" gray paper.And I do not consider this finished!

Hey, did anyone notice the baby poop glaze?

11 February 2011

Knifing Baby-poop

This is only a start.

I bought a pack of 8 in. x 10 in. canvas boards very recently and on this one I used a painting knife to lay down the pink left-over paint.  Then a couple of days later painted the baby-poop color glaze and then knifed that a bit too.  I like the results but don't know where to go from here.
Just messing with it!!!

10 February 2011

Red Spiral Thing

Here is another where the painting is 12 x 12, but my scanner bed is only 9 x 12.  Either way you may have noticed this image in the previous post.  I've painted it since. Today.
Anyway it is acrylic paint, color pencil on black paper.

09 February 2011

My Painting table!

Here is 2 shots of my table where I've been painting on a small scale.
I like working on these.  I have probably 10 works "in-process" at a time.  I would mix a color for one painting, know what I would do with it, then with the left over paint, see what I can do with that color on other works.  I would add colors to the mix, or even start a new painting!  Lately I've been doing about 1 hr of painting daily.  And that's after a full 9-10 hour workday.

08 February 2011

An Abstract Story-Picture

This one is from 1985 and is one of my favorite in the style of "trying to make an abstract where I can't pin a known image-idea to".  In other words, Pure abstraction with absolutely no connection to reality except the paint on the surface.  I succeeded to me, but I am sure YOU can see things in it.
The only thing I see in it is a composition similar to a narrative painting, without the narrative.
It is 23 1/2 in. x 18 in. Watercolor, Ink and Prismacolor Pencil on Watercolor paper.

07 February 2011

Mantis-like Paint-sketch

I did this last year. It is pencil and acrylic paint on dark gray paper.  Original is on 12 in x 12 in but my scanner bed is only 9 in x 12 in.
It is fun and quick and I did it at my good friend Dave Currier's Studio over in Charlottesville VA.

Check out his artistic sculptural services at Currier Studios on my "links I like" list!

06 February 2011

05 February 2011

THE FOOLS are Mr Suburbia and Me

Much of this was recorded in Mr. Suburbia's Monster Club Cellar on December 31st 2010. Please comment either here or on youtube!

The Smoker

He's Solid Welded bronze. about 2 feet tall and weighs approximately 25 lbs.

He is Happily hanging out in Charlottesville Virginia near the entrance of a good friend's art studio!

04 February 2011


A fun goof with 3 different color sharpies on glossy Aqua paper and then slightly tweaked digitally. Approx 5 x 7.

03 February 2011

Fun Short Mr. Suburbia Cartoon!!

I made it 4 or so months ago on GoAnimate. 
Finally got back to it to tweek it and put it on youtube!
There is an earlier post of this direct to the GoAnimate site. but the Youtube quality is much much better!!

02 February 2011

36 in. x 36 in. acrylic and enamel from 1985.

01 February 2011

The Old Bearded Guys

Another Pen and Ink.  Back during college. Approx. 12 in. x 18 in. framed and underglass at my Parents home on Long Island.  It is based on an old old "master" but I forgot what or who.