29 June 2011

Eat A Peach

(c)2009 Ralf Schulze
2 years ago in C'ville at my friend's studio, I painted over the Allman Bros. album cover Eat A Peach.  I liked it enough to put it in a frame and hang in my cubicle at work.

Finally took a picture of it!

26 June 2011

New Changes to This Art Blog of Mine!

Thanks for Looking at my revamped artblog.  For more than 4 1/2 months I've been pretty good at posting a piece of my art every day.  It has been fun and a challenge too. 

This will still be a place for me to post only my art.  But I can't do it every day anymore.  My work schedule and time constraints have increased lately and I will now just try to post 3 posts per week.

But there are a few cool changes to the blog:
  • If you scroll down on the right you can signup to get an email every time I post something new!
  • Near that, there is a video thing where you can watch my youTube videos.
I hope that you will keep looking at my stuff.  I do not make a living off my art, but if you are interested in
anything you see and want to make an offer, please don't hesitate!

(c)2011 Ralf Schulze

This is a "mash-up" of two of my images, that seemed to go together!
One of the images is the previous post!

19 June 2011

Maybe it's Done?

(c)2011 Ralf Schulze

(c)2011 Ralf Schulze
top is the possibly finished painting in all it's unsigned glory . . .12" x 12" of acrylic paint on paper.

Bottom is exactly the same piece but trimmed.

Let me know which you like better and why!

My Art table Today!

all works shown (c)2011 Ralf Schulze
Finally got back into it.

17 June 2011

Quick Doodle at work

(c)2011 Ralf Schulze
A quick doodle I did at work today when I discovered that the black ballpoint pen I was using was really juicy.

I just flowed from my fingers and is only about 3" tall.

Postcard Painting Sketches

(c)2011 Ralf Schulze
Last year I bought a pad of "Acrylic Painting Paper"  it's kind of odd but I like it.
It is thick paper embossed with a fake canvas texture, and to top off the oddness, the size is 6" x 12" .
I've used it for ACEO's and some other things, but last month I realized that I can make 3 postcards... (standard postcard size in USA is 6" x 4")
So I decided to do this as a whim while painting other stuff.

These are pencil and Acrylic paint.  I might or might not add to them. . . .

Rectal Spirits

(c)1985 Ralf Schulze
Very, very early comic.
Very stupid bathroom humor.
Marker on paper.   Approx. 5" x 8"  
Before I ever used Zip-a-tone.

13 June 2011

Abstracted Nude One

(c)1985 Ralf Schulze
(c)1985 Ralf Schulze

Top is the original pencil and acrylic sketch on paper (approx. 2.5" x 10")

bottom is the final (destroyed) painting on masonite and  2 x 4's  approx 6 feet long.

I knew the size I was going to paint on and sketched it accordingly.

11 June 2011

FISH of LIFE sketch

(c)2009 Ralf Schulze
This is from my current sketchbook which actually goes back to June 2008. This is a pencil sketch  approx 7" x7" .  The sketchbook is very beige (almost grocery bag color)  You might recognize the subject matter from an ACEO I have on etsy HERE!

10 June 2011

A Photo of Me

Here is a photographic self portrait  with the monkey temporarily off my back.  (also Larry the leper is on hiatus from buggin me and seems sedate to hang high on the wall behind me (thanks Hal).

I did this because my pal Hal Weaver did a photo self-Portrait on his blog, and I haven't shown my horrible Colonel Sanders beard that I recently let take over my usually fatheaded ugly face.

This is also an excuse for not posting to my "daily" blog for the last few day..... I just have been in a "not so good mood".  Forgive me or not.  I don't care right now.

06 June 2011

My Etsy Shop - New Stuff!

(c)2009 Ralf Schulze

This is my Etsy Shop Title Logo! 

I post 14 Original Art cards for Purchase (most of them you've seen in this art blog).  Check them out anyway!

CLICK THIS  to get there!

05 June 2011

Re - Startness

(c)2011 Ralf Schulze

The start on something new from last weekend in C'ville

This is on 14" x 18" old slightly warped old canvas board (the absolute limit in size for any reasonable canvas board)

But I like it and it's new and I'm ready to change things!

04 June 2011

For Your Skull Interview 1989 part 2

Click on image to zoom in!

These were in "For Your Skull" zine #20! The zine was created by Carrie and Rob.
I had gotten some stuff into previous issues and they asked me to write up a 3 page interview.

It was Fun!

03 June 2011

02 June 2011


(c)1984 Ralf Schulze

This is BIG on paper.

Oil, maybe acrylic, sharpie.

I hope you look at  the close-up (just click on the image)

I think this might be one of my best and it is probably around 40" x 60".

For Sale but in a raw state. It is rolled up.

This might be upside down if you see the signature!

Egg Paint

(c)2007 Ralf Schulze
This one is fun to see close-up.  Even though it is Ink and Acrylic 8" x 10" on canvasboard.

for sale.

Title is: Infestation

A real selling point!

but very cheap postage!