28 February 2010

1992 Illustration

This one was fun.
Probably the last time I ever used zip-a-tone (lips).
title : "714"

Bronze wall hanging by Ralf

I made this bronze wall hanging back in 1988. I do not remember where it is. I might have sold it or gave/traded to a friend. It is about 13 inches high. titled: "At The Beach"

My sculpture of a Turkey

Sculpture from about 1988 in welded Bronze 13 inches tall by Ralf Schulze.

Abstract Video and Sound Experiment.

Made this video a few weeks ago using the paintings of mine I have hanging in the apartment and old noise experiments I did back in late 1980s. Absurd Abstraction distraction. it is only about 2 1/2 min long.

click here to link to it on youtube