27 April 2009

1965 Saul Steinberg New Yorker Cover

I love this collage! From the Ink bottle created from two labels and the LP that's not round and the wonderful "same scene within the scene" feel (Like having 2 opposite mirrors in a room) of the drawing on the upper left of the table. Also the playful cubist sense of the newspaper photo border overlapping the "HMS Beagle" journal. (look at it really close by clicking on it!)

26 April 2009

A Favorite

Acrylic and prismacolor pencil on watercolor paper 9 x 12 -- I did this back in 2005 and it has been an inspiration to me since.
When I create an abstract painting I make an effort not to make it look like anything. Everyone will see something in it. Like a large but busy pattern on a floor or wall and when you stare at it you make images appear. Your mind wants to always see something it can make sense out of.

First Post!

Acrylic on Glossy paper 9" x 12"
on facebook I received some good comments and I like how everyone sees something different.