26 September 2009

Mr Suburbia CDs in the works!

I'm getting the Original Mr suburbia Tapes transferred to CD.
Here is the new cover (The original cassette box cover will be reproduced inside CD case).

And here is what you need to know! (liner notes):

Originally compiled 21 years ago from various mix-tapes sent from Mr. Suburbia on Long Island to Ralf Schulze in Beacon NY, during the years 1985 to 1988.
This is most of the first Mr. Suburbia release created as a 90 minute tape. These cuts are the first 70+ minutes of the tape. The remaining cuts are available on the second release titled "Life is a Slow Sax Solo"!
Transferred to CD by Ralf Schulze September 2009.
Also available is Mr. Suburbia 3 "Suburban Cocktails" from 1992.
to purchase more copies, or the other CDs email Ralf at: aardvarkf@yahoo.com