07 November 2010

"Primary Abstract" New ACEO

Created this one in a slightly different way.
Started out with larger sheet of 246 lbs acid-free paper and trimmed it to the 2.5" x 3.5" when it was done. Ink and Watercolor.

10 October 2010

Another New ACEO based on Sculpture

another new ACEO ink and watercolor
Based on an old 5 inch x 7 inch relief bronze plaque I created in 1991


An old 4 x 6 ink and watercolor from 2001

Floating Polyps

This is a very new colored pencil on bristol paper (6 inches x 6 inches)
It is an alien landscape of growing bubbles or polyps near a liquid shore.
I sent the trimmed original to a friend as a mix CD cover! top picture

Yet another semi-abstract ACEO

This one just happened.
When I originally drew it, I knew exactly what colors were needed.

remember: ACEO is "Art Cards Editions & Originals" and the only rule is:
2.5 inches x 3.5 inches (the same size as a baseball card)


I made this way back in college days. 1982 I was very interested in Philip Guston's work and especially his changes in style. To me he was like the David Bowie of fine art. I painted this on paper 46 inches x 62 inches (Approx 4 feet x 5 feet) with acrylicl gesso and cheap tempera paints. I signed it " Ralf Guston"
What a weirdo. I haven't tried to search yet, but I believe this is based on one of his actual paintings, probably titled; "Book, Bulb, Bottle and Brush"

Another Abstract ACEO

(c)2010 Ralf Schulze
This started out as a test paper for the watercolor for my older ACEOs (scroll down!) but when I showed the actual Set of ACEOs to my friends, they really liked this one. I added to it since then: additional ink and color pencil but the original watercolor is still there.
(1-2-2012) Gave this to my Mother!

05 September 2010

FOOD of the GODS

Just created this ACEO (baseball card sized) drawing today! Ink and watercolor.

15 August 2010


Here is newest (couple of weeks old now) Mr. Suburbia cartoon. All sounds by Mr. Suburbia. cartoon by me using Go!Animate:

GoAnimate.com: no eggs for breakfast by Aardvark Farmer

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It's free and fun!

26 June 2010

A fun little artistic history of mine.

The Original big dry pastel work is approx 9 ft x 6 ft (3 meters x 2 meters). I did it in college (1982) on grey theater backdrop paper. I wish I knew where it was now. I showed it in my first solo show on campus at the Student Union Gallery at Stony Brook (that's where the photo of Mik Rez and I was taken).
From that photo (probably in 1983) I drew the picture (image is 10 in. x 13 in.) using india ink, prismacolor pencil highlights and (originally) black marker which has faded through the years showing pinkish/orange/yellow tints...
I just found the drawing a few days ago and had to make 2 scans and meld them together on the computer. Comments welcome!

16 May 2010

new video! Mr Suburbia

yay! the Newest Mr Suburbia video is done!
the sounds and live action images were recorded at the
the SolidWorks
video and editing were done in Richmond

this video below is . . . .

the above video is only a teaser clip that was then used and abused into the final video on youTube... click ON THESE WORDS for the full video.

09 May 2010

5th ACEO

5th ACEO created today!
I have the original Sculpture bronze relief Plaque.
And it is available for sale!
just contact me for details.

my 4th ACEO Original

again, based on my own old sculpture.
I do not know where the sculpture is.
Remember the drawing ACEO sized (like a baseball card -- 2.5" x 3.5")

02 May 2010

My First ACEO (Art Card Editions or Original)

(c)2010 Ralf Schulze
If you do not know about ACEO's, they are Art Cards (2.5 inches X 3.5 inches) {same size as a baseball card!}. Many People make prints of larger originals, therefore the "E" for Editions.

I prefer the "O" for Original because it is a challenge to make a good detailed work of art in this size.
That is the only requirement for an ACEO! The Size. A cool concept and a great challenge!

So here is my first venture into it. I want to sell this and future ones, and I will keep the copyrights to use the image. Drawn in ink and colored in watercolor on smooth, acid-free bristol board.
I gave the finished Art Card to my old friend Bernie in Wyoming!

18 April 2010

Dinky Doo!!!!

ugly cartoon art

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Global Dementia

1990 for cover of independant magazine "Torn Scrotum" (nice name!)
This was fun!
pen and ink

Greg in Florida

small pen and ink I did from a photo my brother sent when he went to college spring break (1985). He was sitting in a big stone chair and the pic had to use flash at night.

Large Abstract

Mixed media on paper, approx 20" x 28"
acrylic, ink, and prismacolor pencil

the dirt is in the details and this one is great to look at close up so click on the pic twice to get a big closeup and enjoy!

South Campus Studio

(c)1983 Ralf Schulze
This is a 20 x 28 acrylic painting on paper from about 1983.
Of the "lounge" corner of the South Campus Studio that Michal Rezanka and I shared.
Brings back memories!

Red Nude

This one just flew off the pencil.
I was in a groove!
1984 or so.
Stony Brook

Nude on a chair

Spent a bit more time on this one.
Again from around 1984 at Stony Brook.
pencil and acrylic on gray paper

Blue Nude

I did this around 1983-84 when I would sit in on Robert White's life drawing classes at SUNY Stony Brook after I graduated.

I preferred to do quick sketches. I would walk around to find the vantage point I liked best.

Those were the days. . . .

Model: Gina (anyone remember her last name?)


sketched with markers.

drawn 1984 by me

08 March 2010

another old comic for Mr. Suburbia

Again, another found in my scattered bunch of saved crap, saved and tweeked (see earlier post)...

04 March 2010

abstract cartoon dwg

newest dwg is just finished.
I try not to make my abstracts have anything recognizable but I always fail.
only 6" x 6"
I'm having fun with these!

02 March 2010

1st of Mr. Suburbia Comic from past!

Mr. Suburbia wrote a long story intended for comicbook format in 1999. I did a few panels but never finished it. recently found my drawings, finished some of them, tweeked them on the computer and will post them here. I already posted some on "Mr.
Suburbia Fan Club" within Facebook. But I'll repost them here.

28 February 2010

1992 Illustration

This one was fun.
Probably the last time I ever used zip-a-tone (lips).
title : "714"