22 November 2015

cool mail art envelope

 Cool Small Mail art envelope  - - - Incl vintage1960s postage stamps!  Don't know who to send it to . . .

(c)2015 Ralf Schulze

03 November 2015

A is for Autumn ACEO art card

 Another via the art card window -- Remember Art Cards (or ACEO's) are the same size as a baseball card [2.5" x 3.5"]
(c)2015 Ralf Schulze

24 October 2015

05 October 2015

Art Card Original " Flow"

(c)2015 Ralf Schulze
The first finished piece from the "Art Card Window"

If you go to that post, see if you can find which larger piece I took it from.

Like the back of the old Batman trading cards!

29 September 2015

Some Unfinished works of the recent past . . .

The gray piece is older with new embellishments.  the other three are new ink on paper with some color pencil.  "New" meaning mid-September.  The pile of paper on the right are mostly unfinished stuff throught the past 4-5 years. 
It is like building up and building up and sometimes finding the mosaic that can stand alone!

17 September 2015

Drama Brew

Created in the past few days.  Been dealing with some back pain and serious financial issues, but still have to make art:
It is 4 x 6 on gray, acid-free card stock with black and white archival ink markers and graphite pencil.

12 September 2015

Study, or just a sketchy doodley

(c)2015 Ralf Schulze
I drew this at the opening reception of my art show on July 24th while waiting for the first people to show up.  It is in my smallest sketchbook and is only 3.5" x 5.5"

11 September 2015

The Art Card Window

I recently made a card-stock piece with a rectangular hole cut out, so I can view old, busy, unfinished works to turn into art cards.  Then I just mark the image with a pencil.  
Look!  I have 10 new starts of Art cards and they are all originals!
And the scrap from around them can be used in collage and Mail art!
Recycling never looked so good!  If you know how to see the smaller images larger, you will notice that I have "outlined" ten potential new art cards on the 3 images!!
the "art card window" in action!

02 September 2015

Ink Study Three

(c)2015 Ralf Schulze
Alternate title is: "Teeter"
On 5 x7 smooth bristol Board

01 September 2015

Ink Study Two

(c)2015 Ralf Schulze
an interesting study in ink on Smooth bristol board.  Approx 5 x 7

31 August 2015

Ink Study One

(c)2015 Ralf Schulze
created this at a aspiring artist meetup a bunch of months ago in my kraft paper sketchbook!  just a study|sketch|doodle.

15 August 2015

11 August 2015

Newest Art Card Original

(c)2015 Ralf Schulze
Did this about a month ago on the small art cart size (2.5 x 3.5) on thick water color paper with ink and color pencil.

12 July 2015

My Show at ArtWorks Richmond VA July 24 - Aug 23, 2015

I will be showing approx 7+ Bronzes (4 larger works and 3-4 wall hangings) and 20+ works on paper.  All works will be originals and will be for sale.  Please visit the ArtWorks website for viewing hours.  I will be at the reception, Friday eve, July 24th from 7 to 10pm.

10 July 2015

Alone In a Park

(c)2015 Ralf Schulze
4 x 5.5 ink and color pencil.
Created approx. June 28th

29 June 2015

Unfinished from past 3 years | Probably will never be finished

(c)Ralf Schulze
I put considerable work into these, but they never quite felt finished.  I like them, but they are incomplete.
If you feel that you want to finish any of these, please email me at aardvarkf@yahoo.com.

24 June 2015

Man - O - War

(c)2015 Ralf Schulze
Been almost 20 days since I last posted.
I did this maybe 13 or more days ago.  It is an Art Card (2.5" x 3.5") ORIGINAL.
I used a lot of white marker on a thick green card stock. along with color pencil and ink marker.

Happy summertime Art!

05 June 2015

Mr. Suburbia Sticker!

Found this recently while digging thru all the crap that I never throw out.
this is only like 1" x 1.25" hand-cut (that sounds: Fancy).
 I am sure the sticky-ness is worn out since 1990 or so.  But still love that copy machine look (which was made by re-copying over a few times).

03 June 2015

Blue Art Card Original (?finished?)

(c)2015 Ralf Schulze
this is one where I am just not sure if it is done. 
Being an art card and only 2.5 x 3.5 inches, I might want it to have more going on.  But as an any-sized work, it feels just about ready.
Any input is helpful!

01 June 2015

Rudimentary Skull cutouts 2

I worked at a Plastic ThermoForming  company on and off in upstate NY for a few years and the second best take-away from there was a bunch of these 1/4" high plates, 1/8th" thick black cut-outs, in the basic shape of a skull.

I scarfed up a very small load of them then.

I painted white acrylic on them back in 2005 or 2006.
I still have them and here is the 2nd of them.  This the "outside of the plate painting"
Not showing the "haircell" texture.  and more prone to scratches through the years.

31 May 2015

Rudimentary Plastic Skull Cutouts

I worked at a Plastic ThermoForming  company on and off in upstate NY for a few years and the second best take-away from there was a bunch of these 1/4" high plates, 1/8th" thick black cut-outs, in the basic shape of a skull.

I scarfed up a very small load of them then.

I painted white acrylic on them back in 2005 or 2006.
I still have them and here is the 1st of them.  This the "inside of the plate painting"
showing the "haircell" texture.

29 May 2015

Young Art Teacher's Wreck Book 1

sent this to pal who was working as a substitute art teacher in 1985.  They were tough times.  just like these days.
Thanks Bill for sending this back for me to post!

Pure cut and paste / collage style stuff.  A wonderful thing of the past.
Let me know if you find the vintage BattleStar Gallactica sticker hidden in this series!

27 May 2015

Young Art Teacher's Wreck Book 2

Add caption
the inside needs to be shown this way.
These are very timely jokes and images from 1985and earlier.

23 May 2015


(c)2015 Ralf Schulze
finished this yesterday, it is ink markers on 6" x 6" bristol board.

21 May 2015

Dark Matters

(c)2015 Ralf Schulze
 Finished this today. ink markers on Bristol board  5"x 7"  Image size is only 4" x 6".  I signed it at an angle because I like both vertical and horizontal.  When I make most of my drawings I am always rotating it, not really knowing where the top will be.
(c)2015 Ralf Schulze

19 May 2015

Unfinished from 1986 - Seeking Collaboraters!

 Here are 3 works I started back in 1986 or so but never finished.  They are all too big for the scanner so I quickly took these photos.   They are on square paper, it is just that they weren't sitting perfectly flat and I took the shots at an angle to avoid flash back.
They are all Acrylic paint and black india ink on fine art paper.
Anyone interested in finishing these or just adding to it collaboratively and I finish it, please let me know!  I have big envelopes (they are actually the back drop of these photos) and I can send it to you!

17 May 2015

My Old Friend Michal Rezanka

(c)Mik Rezanka
This is the third time I took the exception of posting other peoples art here.
I have recently become the owner of three of Michal's very early works.  Probably from 1980,1981.
The first here is a watercolor / gouache 7.25" x 12". Unsigned.

The colorful tall piece is also watercolor and is 10.5" x 6.25" and in a permanent paper mat frame.

The final one is an etching is 8.25" x 5.50" and is in a large professional matted under glass frame.
I will link this to and also post the art at Michal Rezanka RIP facebook page

(c) Mik Rezanka

(c) Mik Rezanka

15 May 2015

South Campus Stony Brook Art Studio

(c)1983 Ralf Schulze
Found a sketch recently of a small area of the Stony Brook University Art Studio I shared with Michal Rezanka at the South Campus Area buildings.
This is pencil on, I think, 11 x 14 sketch book paper.
Two major elements are the Japanese style paper lamp and the bulbous odd ceramic sculpture of mine.   You can see these same elements in a painting I did around the same time HERE!
Also there is a odd fish-thing with a human face made by another student, Roseanna, who had a studio next door.

13 May 2015

11 May 2015

Curious Entropy

(c)2015 Ralf Schulze
Ink on 6" x 6" Bristol board.
Feel free to tilt your head 90 degrees (either way) and even 180 degrees if you so desire.
Don't look too close, you might get dizzy.

09 May 2015

The Devil's FiddleHead

(c)2011 Ralf Schulze
Finally found some 12 x 12 frames for some of my older work. Nice painted black metal and glass frames.
I posted this back when I finished it, but it was a scan and cropped (see it HERE), but the visual internet quality may be better on the old one.

Anyone want to buy it for $65 framed, let me know!

07 May 2015

Life Drawings - Practice, practice, practice...

(c)1984 Ralf Schulze

(c)1984 Ralf Schulze
At a certain point after I graduated college I often still attended Life drawing class (even though I was not registered for it) with the teacher's blessing [Robert White].
I was at a point where my confidence and technique (or talent) were at their peak.
These two drawings (of the same pose - I moved) were probably done both within 5 minutes.
I was not the type to stay in one place and draw the same image for 20 minutes.  I loved moving around in the back and finding the point of view I liked, and quickly sketching it.
 I would not be able to do this now being out of practice for so long.

05 May 2015

Monstrous Mail Art

cool new mail art envelope..... who wants to be the recipient? Reply on Blogspot/blogger comments or Facebook or email me at aardvarkf@yahoo.com with a good reason and I will send it to you filled with odd ephemera.  My choice,so don't complain. I will make more envelope art!!!

03 May 2015

A Photo of Friends

painted over painting

I recently found the last two sketches of my friends and I from 1988 or so.  Of course the sketches transformed them into comic characters!

Fun stuff!
All the drawings are on 14 x 17 sketch paper.
I even started a painting back then based on this photo, but got frustrated and painted it over with something else.
I just found the scan of the old photograph of the painting I painted over!