24 February 2013

Earth Rising

(c)2013 Ralf Schulze

This one has another title: "Dream Scape".
It was mostly done back in November but I added a few little things and now I know it's done.
The usual format and media for my Scape Series.
The original can be purchased for $125 unframed.
Below is the paint only shot.

Storm World

(c)2013 Ralf Schulze
Another in the Scape Series.  The usual Acrylic paint, ink and color pencils on 8 1/2 x 11 acid-free colored card stock.
I scanned the "paint- only" but can't find it anywhere! Oh well.

19 February 2013

Abstract Cartoon ish drawing

(c)2013 Ralf Schulze
I love the background color of the "kraft Paper",  It reminds me of Sepia photos.  This is on acid free card stock 4 x 5.5.  I just let loose with the ink and Color pencil.

10 February 2013

First Mailart / Mail Art in a Long Time!

Here is an image I drew on lg postcard to an old friend. 
I created the card from a fancy beer sixpack, the original beer image is on the other side and the 2 whitish areas (that I turned into an insect and a "statue") were glue spots.
ink and color pencil.
Image space is approx. 4 x 6

New Original Art Card / Sketch Card / ACEO

(c) 2013 Ralf Schulze
Been a while since my last post (last year -- but actually about 2 1/2 months)
Here is a piece that was originally on a 4 x 5.5  acid free kraft paper card stock {see below} but I trimmed it down to art card size.
Color pencil and ink.