26 June 2010

A fun little artistic history of mine.

The Original big dry pastel work is approx 9 ft x 6 ft (3 meters x 2 meters). I did it in college (1982) on grey theater backdrop paper. I wish I knew where it was now. I showed it in my first solo show on campus at the Student Union Gallery at Stony Brook (that's where the photo of Mik Rez and I was taken).
From that photo (probably in 1983) I drew the picture (image is 10 in. x 13 in.) using india ink, prismacolor pencil highlights and (originally) black marker which has faded through the years showing pinkish/orange/yellow tints...
I just found the drawing a few days ago and had to make 2 scans and meld them together on the computer. Comments welcome!