29 April 2015

Zombie Thriller Terror Postcard #4

The last of these from 1988.  That was a good year for me.
This is, naturally, Dinky Doo in a slightly scary pose.
4.25" x 7.0".

Have you guessed the 2 things about these "Zombie Thriller Terror Postcards"?
1.  They are actually Zombie Filler Terror Postings
2. I made them all on one 8.5" x 14.0" piece of paper!

27 April 2015

Zombie Thriller Terror Postcard #3

Yet another from 1988.  Found a stash of old originals.... oddly, many are too big for the scanner!
Here is of course, Dog*God at his meanest!
4.25" x 7.0"

25 April 2015

23 April 2015

Zombie Thriller Terror Postcard #1

Way back from 1988.
This one is Chuck the Zombie, an occasional friend of Dinky Doo.
4.25" x7.0"

21 April 2015

Mail Art (the back of the envelope)

I made and sent a little mail art envelope to my old pal Hal Weaver.  He posted the front here.
But this is the back.
Bremerhaven is the city I was born in.

19 April 2015

The Wonderful World of Dinky Doo! (two)

(c)1986 Ralf Schulze

Another fine page from Dinky Stories #2.  Nothing to do with Tallix, but a little to do with current events of 1986.
This is the 2nd page of "The World of Dinky Doo"  ---  The first page was previously posted HERE

17 April 2015

Dinky Doo Finisher: Small Talk

Here is the last of the Dinky Doo - Finisher pages in Dinky Stories #2 from 1986.
This is the MiniComic That inspired me to create Tallix Funnies!

15 April 2015

Sixties Jazz

(c)2015 Ralf Schulze
Another small piece on kraft card stock
4" x 5.5"
original title: The Sixties [in my mind]
Later title 'Neath Jazz

Hence the final title.
Did this 2 days ago!

Thanks for looking!

13 April 2015

Dinky Doo: Finisher

Another one page comic from Dinky Stories #2!
The inspiration for TX Funnies!
I am naming names
Mr.Q.C.is Jerry Tobin.
FatBoy is Richard Johansen.
And Mr. Finn is Vinny Nardone!

Almost 30 years ago and still full of Memories!

11 April 2015


(c)2015 Ralf Schulze
This is originally on 8.5 x 11 acid-free light gray card stock .
Archival ink markers and black and white Prismacolor pencils.
This view is a cropped down to 6.25 x 9.0.
I let the eyes appear.  I am sure you can see them too.
Alternate titles were:  "Calm Regurgitation" and "Deep Thought Verboten".
Deepness is good by me!

09 April 2015

Cover of Dinky Stories #2

(c)1986 Ralf Schulze
I was working at the second bronze sculpture foundry of my career Tallix.  This place was really cool.  I was also very much into mini-comics and mail-art at the time.  So I combined things and let them flow. 
This 16 pager was all my art except one page by my pal Ralph M. and a drawing by Dave Herman on the inside cover contents page (he also inspired 2 of the 3 Dinky Doo: Finisher pages.
I will post the other 2 pages of Dinky Doo: Finisher here soon.
The response to this comic inspired Tallix Funnies!

07 April 2015

Earth Cake (Yellow)

(c)2015 Ralf Schulze
this,along with the blue version (last post) were finished on March 31st.  Just been busy with Life...

05 April 2015

Earth Cake (Blue)

(c)2015 Ralf Schulze
5 x 7 with ink and color pencil. 
See previous post for earlier version.

This post is also a reset for the post-every-other-day challenge.Since the challenger(s) themselves have not posted every day as expected...
Alls well that ends (and begins) well among Friends. 
So this is a psuedo-re-start using Easter Sunday as the Rebirthday...[pun-intended]