09 April 2015

Cover of Dinky Stories #2

(c)1986 Ralf Schulze
I was working at the second bronze sculpture foundry of my career Tallix.  This place was really cool.  I was also very much into mini-comics and mail-art at the time.  So I combined things and let them flow. 
This 16 pager was all my art except one page by my pal Ralph M. and a drawing by Dave Herman on the inside cover contents page (he also inspired 2 of the 3 Dinky Doo: Finisher pages.
I will post the other 2 pages of Dinky Doo: Finisher here soon.
The response to this comic inspired Tallix Funnies!

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  1. I went with something old today too! Great to see that old stuff Ralf!