31 May 2011

A classic Stupid Comic!

 I think every comic artist does something like this.

It is rude, crude and fun and who cares!

I don't care if you copy this and make millions! (yeah, right)

30 May 2011

Abstraction on Paper

(c)1986 Ralf Schulze
I did a whole bunch of these Acrylic paint where I outlined the brushwork in india ink, and then added more color with Color pencil. 

They were mostly on colored paper and about 9" x 12" in size I just found 8 unfinished ones (no color pencil yet)

They are essentially abstact studies and experiments in a structured media and style.

The Crazy Glossary

(c)1986 Ralf Schulze
This was an old "poster" I made for the fun of it back in 1986.  I think I sold it to people at my job at Tallix art foundry for like 50 cents each.  It is 11" x 14"  I still have the pen and ink original also, but I wanted to show the faded poster printed in blue on white.

28 May 2011

Orange Double Drops

(c)2011 Ralf Schulze
 Another acrylic on 12 x 12 gray paper.

If you look back on some earlier posts you may see this in process on my art table.  Click on "show process" Label on the right.

Painted Head Thing

(c)2011 Ralf Schulze
 This is an acrylic on paper sketch.

12" x 12"  gray paper

Finished it the other day.

Mother Whale Eye

(c)1983 Ralf Schulze
This is another large painting on paper I did my last year at college. It is about 50" x 50" 

It has been stored away and moved in a semi rolled up condition for very long and the oil paint makes the paper brittle through the years.

27 May 2011

My Art Table (again)

All shown work (c)2011 Ralf Schulze
Been trying to post this for 2 days.

Anyway, have actually progressed on all of the shown works...in a groove.

Plus I will go to C'ville soon to paint even more!!!

24 May 2011

Sepia Nude

(c)1983 Ralf Schulze
this was one of those moments when every thing fell into place.  It was just a quick study in a life drawing session. I was using sepia ink, water and some old black ink. 

This just poured off of the brush with in 10 minutes

It is approx. 8 x10

framed in a mat, for sale.

23 May 2011

Stinky Poo

(c)1987 Ralf Schulze
This is a Never published/released comic I did almost 25 years ago.
The deal here is, I am left-handed and have been very used to PUSHing the pen when drawing,  [I rarely used a "crow-quill" pen]  So, I had no real problems when using ballpoints or felt-tips etc.
But with a sharp point "dip" style pen tip, I was spitting and splatting all over the place.

So I decided to create Stinky Poo (an alternate to DinkyDoo)  and make stupid comics using my left-handed dibilitation.

22 May 2011

Bronze Single Totem

(c)1989 Ralf Schulze
a double view of this approx 22" tall Bronze and steel sculpture.

Just found out that it is at my good friend's house on Long Island NY!

Original 1988 "Crazy Calendar" Cover!

8.5 x 11 image

Yellow Ochre Collage Study

(c)2011 Ralf Schulze
This is a fun study of similar color with various texture collage. approx 5 x 7 .

It is just horizontal strips of mag cuts (4).

Portrait of a Self Portrait

(c)1982 Ralf Schulze
In the tradition of  Norman Rockwell once removed. I made this quick sketch of my pal Michal Rezanka (we shared a college studio) doing his own self-portrait.

Hand On Head

(c)1983 Ralf Schulze
This is from a large set of painting/sketches a I did at the end of my college days.

I essentially had some big paper to work with and 3-4 old enamel paints I found in the basement at home (my parent's home) [noxious stuff]   I found a photo from a current Newspaper and then proceeded to paint it Upside Down with the limited pallet I had.
It was fun > I did about 10 of them in a few days, this was one of the better ones.
The paper was huge! Bigger than 3 feet by 4 feet!  I did them in the summer because the chemical smell was over-powering, even in the large painting classroom I used (I had a key!).

Telephone Doodle . . .

(c)2005 Ralf Schulze
 . . . that turned out cool! 

It is  Pencil on off-yellow paper Standard size paper (8.5 x 11)

Today I will post many things in order to catch up on my Daily posting... I've been working A LOT and haven't been in the mood to post after an 11 hr day.

So enjoy this glut of stuff!

21 May 2011

Self Portrait

(c)1987 Ralf Schulze
A curious image sent from an old friend.  It is of a card I created, just for them.  It is a photocopy of myself  reduced and then enlarged to create the "dotness"  [Copy machines in the 1980's were not Digital in any way.]

Then I  printed an image and colored it with color pencil.

Size is most likely Postcard size (6" x 4") based on the "CA" and "N2" stamps on it.

Art in Progress

all (c) 2011 Ralf Schulze
my art table on 20 May 2011

19 May 2011

The Giant Ghost Penis on the Beach

(c)2011 Ralf Schulze

Added india ink and more acrylic paint and decided it is a finished work.  A sketch but finished. Just completed today!  Signed!

It is 8 x 10 inches on store-bought canvas board, and if you like this, name a price unframed!   free shipping.

18 May 2011

My Work table In-Process NOW!

(c)2011 Ralf Schulze
I like to work on multiple pieces at a time.  I actually did more to these between taking this photo and posting this blog post!

17 May 2011

(c)1987 Ralf Schulze
The next one.

Check out the previous post for more details.

This crap is 25 years old... forgive me.

I currently have been starting to paint and draw more again and hope to have some new finished pieces to post here soon.

 Please be patient.

Thanks you.

16 May 2011

It's The Larry The Leper Show!

(c) 1987 Ralf Schulze
The first Larry the Leper comic. Written by Tom Haggerty (whereabouts unknown) based on a character I created. This is the cover of the 8-page (maybe it's 16 pages?!) mini-comic and Mr. Suburbia even told a a story on his first tape about Larry!  click here to listen free!

Mini-comics are 1/4 of a standard sheet of paper (4.25 x 5.5  inches)

15 May 2011

Abstract Paint Sketch

(c)2009 Ralf Schulze

This piece is a paint sketch on 12 x12  gray paper.

It bothers me that neither photo is actually true-to-life.

the top one is just a simple flash pic at a slight angle to avoid shine.  The bottom one is a straight on shot with 3 different lights aimed at the piece.  I enhanced both with my ancient pseudo-photoshop program. 

The actual colors of the paint are close to the bottom shot, but the color of the paper is more like the top shot.
(c)2009 Ralf Schulze

14 May 2011

Long Landscape

(c)2010 Ralf Schulze
Made this paint sketch in 2009 while hanging with good friend in Charlottesville VA.
It is Acrylic Paint on 10.25" x 20.25" thin Masonite.
It is a landscape completely made up .  No photo, no outdoor view. This photo is a bit blurry.
I tweaked it in 2010. I have it here and it is for sale (make an offer)

10 May 2011

Mother Whale Eyeless

(c)1984 Ralf Schulze
This is a small postcard sized collage of mine that inexplicably surfaced in Wyoming.

In the 1980's, making fun of Reagan was all the rage in the left-leaning media, and of course I was sucked into that mindset.

Now I am an unabashed Libertarian Conservative.  But I can still enjoy a good goof!  The detail of the Presidential seal is actually funny.

The Title:"Mother Whale Eyeless" is the title of a GREAT song of the same timeframe  by BRIAN ENO.

09 May 2011

Larry the Leper!

(c)1987 Ralf Schulze
Sharpie on slide.  This is currently in Wyoming.  I don't believe it still exists!

08 May 2011

Fake Record cover ~ Real Art

(c)2010 Ralf Schulze
Made this collage for a friend (Thomas Ferranti) for his Fake band on Figment called "Smug Fungus". Check it out HERE

Turns out I've done all the cover art for all the Smug Fungus releases!!

Check out Figment.  It a weird Idea: It's got cool album art, wild band names, promo art, liner notes, track titles, etc.   Everything but actual sound!

Here is the whole Smug Fungus catalog! on FIGMENT!

04 May 2011

Lost Painting

(c) Ralf Schulze
This is an old scan of an old blurry photograph. I'm guessing it is approx 12 x 18 enamel and acrylic on canvas board. Possibly used sharpie too. 

I really like it. Got that usual Landscape/Abstract feel and some fun patterning and I like the white painted lines.

I don't even know what year I painted it, I'm guessing in the 1990's.  I wish I knew where it was. I seriously doubt that I painted over it.

03 May 2011

Alien Sketch

(c)2009 Ralf Schulze
found this tucked away in sketchbook... I like it!  Ink in smooth Bristol 5" x 6" . I've already started coloring (photoshopish)  it for my weird-west-coast-fake-album-cover friend. I'm sure he'll start grooving on it as you oogle it.

My aim was to incorporate a few UNUSUAL  ideas into an alien image (actually a hard aim).  Lemme know what you think!?!!!!

02 May 2011

Old Large Abstract Painting . . .

(c)1983 G. Tarjan

. . . that didn't turn out that good.
Sure, I spent hours and hours in class working in this, using painting knives and spray paint and even listening to a walkman so loud that the Teacher "scolded" me about it.

Yes it is approx. 68" x 55.5" oil and spray enamel on stretched canvas.  I'm sure that in the end, I left it in the old painting classroom at stony Brook  No real loss.

My old friend took the b&w photo of me in front of it.
(c)1983 Ralf Schulze

01 May 2011

James Ensor

(c)1983 Ralf Schulze
I painted this while in the last year of college.  I am a big fan of Ensor!  He is the greatest skull painter ever!

I just found this rolled up and stashed away up in my Bainbridge NY barn.

It is a large 30" x 46" oil and acrylic on paper.  It is holding up well for it's age.

I searched all over the internet for the original photograph that I used to paint this and it was nowhere to be found!  It was a black and white photo in an art book at the time.  If anyone finds it let me know!