10 May 2011

Mother Whale Eyeless

(c)1984 Ralf Schulze
This is a small postcard sized collage of mine that inexplicably surfaced in Wyoming.

In the 1980's, making fun of Reagan was all the rage in the left-leaning media, and of course I was sucked into that mindset.

Now I am an unabashed Libertarian Conservative.  But I can still enjoy a good goof!  The detail of the Presidential seal is actually funny.

The Title:"Mother Whale Eyeless" is the title of a GREAT song of the same timeframe  by BRIAN ENO.


  1. Shake That Fascist Groove Thing!

  2. Funny piece. Guess you're glad to hear that Ron Paul is running or will you vote libertarian?

  3. There is no way Ron Paul can win so I will vote the best way I can to make sure a Liberal Democrat is NOT in the White House.