24 November 2012

My October/November workspace

My little workspace.
laptop on left and stereo on right.

I found a cool plastic tray with black felt to hold more colored pencils!

07 November 2012

Undersea Scape

(c)Ralf Schulze
New art!  Enjoy! Same old size... please see other recent works.  just click on the main Aardvark Farms logo!
Sea below for the paint only scan, before embellished with ink and color pencil. Traded with old friend from grade school!  (early Sept. 2016)

03 November 2012

Sudden Narative

(c)2012 Ralf Schulze
I just finished this today.
Same size, and media.
On beige acid free paper.

Check out the "paint-only" pic below.

23 October 2012


(c)2012 Ralf Schulze
Been working on these (3-5 of them) and this one has been finalized!

As usual,  Acrylic paint, ink and colored pencil on red, acid-free card stock paper.

See below for the paint only shot (before embellishing with the ink and pencil).

16 October 2012


(c)2012 Ralf Schulze
Here is my first new piece in a few months.  It is still the usual 8.5 x 11 in. colored acid-free cardstock with acrylic paint and ink and colored pencil.
Below is the paint only ; before embellishing with the ink and prismacolors.

18 September 2012

Dave Currier's Simon and the Pieman

(c)2012 David Currier
  I usually don't promote other's art on this blog but I have to take exception.  My good friend David Currier has started creating comic strips in the a traditional fashion using ink on paper.

 He is very talented and you should check out the other comic strips he has created here.
If you look to the right you will also see his other art website!

17 September 2012

Spider Man

(c) 2012 Dave Currier & Ralf Schulze
I am finally getting back into doing my art after a very busy summer...

I went to my good friend, Dave Currier's studio last weekend and we did what we usually do when we get together, talk about what's happening in our lives and then go out to his well equipped and spacious studio to listen to music we both like, partake of fine adult beverages and most important, do some art!  We did many (5or so) collaborative pieces, but the only one we considered finished is this one!

It is on 8.5 x 11 red card stock (acid free) and has charcoal, white oil pastel, acrylic paint and stenciled spray paint.

29 June 2012

Digital Doodle Art

Wow!  So it's been a few weeks since I posted and I wish I posted instead of not.
My Life has been busy with family, work and other things that made me put the art stuff on the back burner (in other words: "Still cooking and not forgotten").
But here, for you're enjoyment, are some digital doodles I've done during the year so far.  I am not good at "art" with a mouse.
these were done in response to a good friend's digital "doodles".  I did them during lunch breaks using windows 7 Paint.

10 June 2012

Flaming Rock Star!

(c)2012 Ralf Schulze
I cannot tell if this is done or not

It has been around for months, saying "hey, what about me?"

So I added some lines and here we go.

I've recently discovered that I like art that "seems, or looks" UNFINISHED!

Do you think it needs more or can it stand on it's own?

Please comment!

19 May 2012

Hidden Verdania

(c)2012 Ralf Schulze
This is a leftover from an older March 2012 Paint batch. If you look back at a studio shots post from a month ago or more you'll see this piece unfinished, but prominent in one of the shots.

<-paint only

07 May 2012

SwampWorld Redux

(c)2012 Ralf Schulze
My Latest in the Scape Series!

I'm still loving to do these! 

This one has a slightly limited pallet.

29 April 2012

The Pink Space

(c)2012 Ralf Schulze
I'm still exploring this format of 8.5 x 11 acid-free colored paper with acrylic paint, ink and colored pencil.

I'm doing more detail with the colored pencil.

I like how this one feels. I worked on it in the vertical format, but others said they liked it better this way.  Hence the angled signature.

this is the paint only, before embellishment!

19 April 2012

The Mawr (Creation)

(c)2012 Ralf Schulze
My latest in the knifed acrylic with color  pencil on color paper.

It is 8 1/2 x 11

I spent a lot of time with the color pencil.

This is the paint only.

This is a negative image!

09 April 2012

05 April 2012

Ugly Fish

Usually I keep things mostly unrecognizable but I couldn't help but reveal this fish.

04 April 2012


(c)2012 Ralf Schulze
 Newest on very dark gray paper.  I would have said Black, but the Black Prismacolor pencil showed up on it, so it must be dark gray.

I had a ton-o-fun with this one and went a little crazy with the color pencil detail.


(c)2012 Ralf Schulze
 I am a little behind the eightball with posting to the artblog here.

This is the usual media and size (see other works)

Please go see this at my FINEARTAMERICA gallery for some wicked cool close-ups!

27 March 2012

Infinite Planet

(c)2012 Ralf Schulze
 Been playing with this one for a while.  It finally gelled last night!

I also used regular pencil in this one.

I really like the results.

See the "labels" for media.

8.5 x 11 in.

25 March 2012

Curious Orang & the Green Galaxy

(c)2012 Ralf Schulze
This is only ink and color pencil on orange/yellow ochre acid-free cardstock paper and is smaller than most:  5 x 7.

Did it all today!

Thanks for looking!

Planet Poppies

(c)2012 Ralf Schulze
 This on feels very sedate. So I tried to work the angles to give it a little umpff. 

Same 8.5 x 11 (can easily be framed in a 8 x 10 mat.

Acrylic and color pencil and ink on colored paper.

23 March 2012

My Art Work Space

First off, I'd like to mention that this post is in honor of my pal, Hal Weaver who says he likes to see other artist work space!
This is a corner of the living room of my decent sized apartment.  I try to spend about an hour here right after working 10+ hours.  With a beer and some cool music.
I've had the box with the colorpencils for 20 years.

Comments Welcome.

That's our fat cat, Kelly.  She is very sweet. And Lazy!


(c)2012 Ralf Schulze
I posted this up on FB and FineArt America a few days ago.

I like the mass of brownish green and all the subtle designs in and around it.

This is the first from a new batch of acrylic work.

18 March 2012

This Is My Card

I just started a fresh batch! 
8 or 9 new acrylics on paper!
Even started the pencil on some.

ON top of working 55-60 hr per week.

I am tired.

This is a one-of-a-kind business card...

12 March 2012

Dying in the Breeze

found an old 12 x 12 acrylic on color paper and was inspired to add more.  And trim it to 8.5 x 11.

I really like this because it has black color pencil which fools some people.  Not to mention that it is generally odd to have anything on gray paper.

05 March 2012

An Untitled but Important (to me) Sketch

(c)2009 Ralf Schulze
This piece has been kicking around the apartment for 3 years and I like it but never know if it is good, or finished, or worth saving.  But I just now decided that it has actually influenced some of my recent stuff in a subtle way. 

It is abstract, yet landscapey.

it is pencil and color pencil (on light gray 8.5 x 11 paper) and I consider it a sketch.

01 March 2012

Sub Terra

(c)2012 Ralf Schulze
Been more than a week since I posted a new piece.  I hope you like it, I do, and I had fun with the squiggles on the bottom!

Same old 8.5" x 11" colored acid-free card stock paper with Acrylic paint and Colored pencils and ink... my favorite combo of media recently.

I like to include the paint only pic in these posts, so see below!