16 May 2010

new video! Mr Suburbia

yay! the Newest Mr Suburbia video is done!
the sounds and live action images were recorded at the
the SolidWorks
video and editing were done in Richmond

this video below is . . . .

the above video is only a teaser clip that was then used and abused into the final video on youTube... click ON THESE WORDS for the full video.

09 May 2010

5th ACEO

5th ACEO created today!
I have the original Sculpture bronze relief Plaque.
And it is available for sale!
just contact me for details.

my 4th ACEO Original

again, based on my own old sculpture.
I do not know where the sculpture is.
Remember the drawing ACEO sized (like a baseball card -- 2.5" x 3.5")

02 May 2010

My First ACEO (Art Card Editions or Original)

(c)2010 Ralf Schulze
If you do not know about ACEO's, they are Art Cards (2.5 inches X 3.5 inches) {same size as a baseball card!}. Many People make prints of larger originals, therefore the "E" for Editions.

I prefer the "O" for Original because it is a challenge to make a good detailed work of art in this size.
That is the only requirement for an ACEO! The Size. A cool concept and a great challenge!

So here is my first venture into it. I want to sell this and future ones, and I will keep the copyrights to use the image. Drawn in ink and colored in watercolor on smooth, acid-free bristol board.
I gave the finished Art Card to my old friend Bernie in Wyoming!