30 September 2013

Bone Field

(c)2013 Ralf Schulze
another 6 x 6 sketch on white bristol board with ink and color pencil.

Vice Growth

6x6 smooth bristol board with ink and subtle color pencil
(c)2013 Ralf Schulze

27 September 2013

Recent Envelope Art!

(c)2013 Ralf Schulze
 On a whim I decided to make some envelope art on these beautiful kraft colored envelopes. Approx 5 x 7
Enjoy them and please comment!

Feel free to send real snail mail to the return address you see!
I would love to see what you send!
original sent to nephew for birthday!

Look! I can draw Non-Abstract too!

This would be a cool envelope to receive a card in!

The "Cloud" card
This took the most time!

but it was worth it!

Fine Old Drawing title: "20 X 20"

(c)1986 Ralf Schulze
So, I used to work at a bronze art foundry where they made sculptures for artists in the very classic lost-wax method.  The company was Tallix and most people who worked there were also artists who were "struggling" including myself. 
At the time (1986) I was starting to draw mini-comix and I was participating in a lot of Mail-Art also.  And I came up with the idea of Tallix Funnies.   It was a great way to make fun of your co-workers, bosses and the artists who were essentially the "customer" of the foundry.  I did most of the first issue, but many talented people began contributing a lot of cool comics.
But I digress,  I wanted to get all 10 + 1 issues of Tallix Funnies on-line.  So I made a request on the Facebook page called Ex-Tallix employees for some help finding issues I no longer had.
Darren Lewis sent me a bunch of old issues along with the shown artwork of mine that I gave him all those many years ago.  I don't know what 20 x 20 means... maybe 20 horizontal lines -by- 20 vertical lines....
So that was an odd and long-winded  story to how I got back this old art of mine. 
It is ink marker and color pencil on 9 x 12 cardstock white paper.
I like how I made the circles appear with out being explicit.

04 September 2013


(c)2013 Ralf Schulze
 Newest addition!  started in February in Charlottesville (see start pic below)!  Same old acrylic paint, ink and color pencil on 8.5 x 11 acid-free colored paper!
This one was fun and just finally jumped at me after I looked at it in the mirror and saw the vertical potential.  But i signed it at an angle so it can be hung horizontally if the buyer desires.  For sale, of course, just email me at aardvarkf@yahoo.com!

mostly paint only