18 September 2012

Dave Currier's Simon and the Pieman

(c)2012 David Currier
  I usually don't promote other's art on this blog but I have to take exception.  My good friend David Currier has started creating comic strips in the a traditional fashion using ink on paper.

 He is very talented and you should check out the other comic strips he has created here.
If you look to the right you will also see his other art website!

17 September 2012

Spider Man

(c) 2012 Dave Currier & Ralf Schulze
I am finally getting back into doing my art after a very busy summer...

I went to my good friend, Dave Currier's studio last weekend and we did what we usually do when we get together, talk about what's happening in our lives and then go out to his well equipped and spacious studio to listen to music we both like, partake of fine adult beverages and most important, do some art!  We did many (5or so) collaborative pieces, but the only one we considered finished is this one!

It is on 8.5 x 11 red card stock (acid free) and has charcoal, white oil pastel, acrylic paint and stenciled spray paint.