29 June 2015

Unfinished from past 3 years | Probably will never be finished

(c)Ralf Schulze
I put considerable work into these, but they never quite felt finished.  I like them, but they are incomplete.
If you feel that you want to finish any of these, please email me at aardvarkf@yahoo.com.

24 June 2015

Man - O - War

(c)2015 Ralf Schulze
Been almost 20 days since I last posted.
I did this maybe 13 or more days ago.  It is an Art Card (2.5" x 3.5") ORIGINAL.
I used a lot of white marker on a thick green card stock. along with color pencil and ink marker.

Happy summertime Art!

05 June 2015

Mr. Suburbia Sticker!

Found this recently while digging thru all the crap that I never throw out.
this is only like 1" x 1.25" hand-cut (that sounds: Fancy).
 I am sure the sticky-ness is worn out since 1990 or so.  But still love that copy machine look (which was made by re-copying over a few times).

03 June 2015

Blue Art Card Original (?finished?)

(c)2015 Ralf Schulze
this is one where I am just not sure if it is done. 
Being an art card and only 2.5 x 3.5 inches, I might want it to have more going on.  But as an any-sized work, it feels just about ready.
Any input is helpful!

01 June 2015

Rudimentary Skull cutouts 2

I worked at a Plastic ThermoForming  company on and off in upstate NY for a few years and the second best take-away from there was a bunch of these 1/4" high plates, 1/8th" thick black cut-outs, in the basic shape of a skull.

I scarfed up a very small load of them then.

I painted white acrylic on them back in 2005 or 2006.
I still have them and here is the 2nd of them.  This the "outside of the plate painting"
Not showing the "haircell" texture.  and more prone to scratches through the years.