31 January 2011

YING-YANG Doppelganger Illustration

I remember having fun with this one!  Pure pen and ink on 9 x 12  paper.  [the left side has Zip-a-tone]


30 January 2011

Two new Collage

Did these at about the same time 2 weeks ago. Both approx. 4 in. x 6 in.

Just having fun; and using the "three" rule!

That's all the collage for a while...

29 January 2011

One of my oldest Collage cards

This one has some black spray paint in background on 10.5 in. x 5.5 in. mat board.  It is from 1981!

28 January 2011

Finally a New Collage

I've had an idea for years about collage.
The simpler the better.  So I often thought that
3 is a charm / Bad things come in threes.
You decide.  But I figure no middle ground :
Very Good -or- Very Bad.

 this on is 14 x 19 mm on black paper and I did it 11 days ago.  (3 parts-- face; time lapse; eye)

I also believe that collage should never be cut from a printout from the internet... That's cheating!

27 January 2011

... another college-collage

Here is another old Collage. The one on the left is the Original. the one on the right is a negative.
I like both.

Collage, color pencil and sharpie on a silverish cardstock approx 4 x 7 inches

26 January 2011

An old Collage from college

Found this while going through old crap. Inspired me to do more and have a small stash ready for future posts.
Especially since I'm inspired to post every day like my pal Hal. This is his blog!