18 April 2010

Dinky Doo!!!!

ugly cartoon art

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Global Dementia

1990 for cover of independant magazine "Torn Scrotum" (nice name!)
This was fun!
pen and ink

Greg in Florida

small pen and ink I did from a photo my brother sent when he went to college spring break (1985). He was sitting in a big stone chair and the pic had to use flash at night.

Large Abstract

Mixed media on paper, approx 20" x 28"
acrylic, ink, and prismacolor pencil

the dirt is in the details and this one is great to look at close up so click on the pic twice to get a big closeup and enjoy!

South Campus Studio

(c)1983 Ralf Schulze
This is a 20 x 28 acrylic painting on paper from about 1983.
Of the "lounge" corner of the South Campus Studio that Michal Rezanka and I shared.
Brings back memories!

Red Nude

This one just flew off the pencil.
I was in a groove!
1984 or so.
Stony Brook

Nude on a chair

Spent a bit more time on this one.
Again from around 1984 at Stony Brook.
pencil and acrylic on gray paper

Blue Nude

I did this around 1983-84 when I would sit in on Robert White's life drawing classes at SUNY Stony Brook after I graduated.

I preferred to do quick sketches. I would walk around to find the vantage point I liked best.

Those were the days. . . .

Model: Gina (anyone remember her last name?)


sketched with markers.

drawn 1984 by me