23 March 2012

My Art Work Space

First off, I'd like to mention that this post is in honor of my pal, Hal Weaver who says he likes to see other artist work space!
This is a corner of the living room of my decent sized apartment.  I try to spend about an hour here right after working 10+ hours.  With a beer and some cool music.
I've had the box with the colorpencils for 20 years.

Comments Welcome.

That's our fat cat, Kelly.  She is very sweet. And Lazy!


  1. Excellent Ralf! Thanks' for posting those pictures. Very cool to see your cat Kelly. I never knew you had a cat.

  2. Got two, actually. Abby is Kelly's half/sister; Black, skinny and feisty! Both are indoor apartment cats for the past 3+ years.