28 March 2011

Calendar 1993

 Four years after making the original Calendar I made this one with more Famous Death Dates.

I did it because the days of the week for most months were the same as 1988 (or was it 1989?) I only had to alter January and February because of a leap year thing.

I had fun and spent a lot of time drawing this.  Every day had a different face, no repeats, and from 1 to 3 famous death dates for each day!

I printed up 250 of them and stamped them with a # ( see the zoom-in of the smaller pic of the back cover).   8.5" x 11"  (the address on the back cover is old and useless).

I sold or gave away 249 of them!
I think I had to draw one months worth of new faces for this calendar.

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  1. I believe I still have mine around here somewhere. Good stuff Ralf.

    OK HW