23 March 2011

Abstract Expressionism

(c)1983 Ralf Schulze
An old art school painting scanned from a photograph 5+years ago and I remember that I tried using Acrylic based caulk in a caulking gun to create the relief and then paint over it with acrylic paint and oil.

Remember the rule: oil covering acrylic is OK. Acrylic paint over oil paint is BAD!

No real title but it was easily 3 feet x 3 feet on some kind if builder's grade paper board that was 1/2" thick.  I pretty sure this was dumped by my parents about 5 years ago. Gone forever!

I still should have the old photograph which I can scan at a higher resolution someday but why bother.

1 comment:

  1. Glad you have photos of it. I can see Larry the Leper floating in front of it.
    OK HW