22 March 2011

Bison Herd Watercolor Sketch

(c)2011 Ralf Schulze
I just did this watercolor (that incl..some color pencil) today!  It is 6" x 4" just like the postcard (from the 80's) that I tried to emulate!  However I am going for the general texture or pattern and not the details.
Below is the postcard I used.
I gave the set of postcard and Watercolor (in a duo-frame) to my co-worker and friend Sandy Gordon!


  1. Wow Ralf, I like that a lot. Very cool you added the hill. I think it makes it a stronger comp.

  2. I "zoomed-in" and tried to get the "Feel" and "pattern" needed for this, it was so spur of the moment and I had fun with it!

  3. Hey Ralf...I love this...looks like home. Bernie