17 March 2011

I Ching based painting!

(c)1985 Ralf Schulze
Another old one; this is acrylic and enamel spray paint on stretched canvas and approx 20" x 14"

I was into the I Ching for a while and used the coin method.

I rolled the coins directly on the canvas and put down the hexagram lines all as a process.  That is why some of the green broken lines cover and are covered by the circles (coin landings).

Took the photo in 1987 and scanned it in 2007.  Didn't trim the pic because it is not straight on picture-taking.

I do not know where this is now.


  1. The I Ching? Sounds like an Apple product...

  2. I think it is pronounced "Ee" Ching.
    Sounds more like an online auction house.
    or even a cash register from the 70's