06 March 2011

A Fine Old Bronze Sculpture of Mine.

(c)1989 Ralf Schulze
I always liked this sculpture, it combined many ideas and styles I had at the time.  But it never seemed quite right, like something was missing.

Anyway it is about 15 inches tall and probably weighs a good 20+ lbs. It is made of welded Bronze Foundry scraps that I welded together.

I do not know where it is right now.


  1. I think I remember that piece. Ashame it is lost now.
    OK HW

  2. I think it is still within my friend and family circles. I'm quite sure I did not sell it or lose it. I just haven't searched for it.

  3. Hey Ralf,

    Do you have a picture of the sculpture you gave my parents? I'm heading their this week, I'll click one and email it over just in case you don't. Dad has the small face in a bowl type sculpture in his office. I get a shot of that one too. Peter