17 May 2015

My Old Friend Michal Rezanka

(c)Mik Rezanka
This is the third time I took the exception of posting other peoples art here.
I have recently become the owner of three of Michal's very early works.  Probably from 1980,1981.
The first here is a watercolor / gouache 7.25" x 12". Unsigned.

The colorful tall piece is also watercolor and is 10.5" x 6.25" and in a permanent paper mat frame.

The final one is an etching is 8.25" x 5.50" and is in a large professional matted under glass frame.
I will link this to and also post the art at Michal Rezanka RIP facebook page

(c) Mik Rezanka

(c) Mik Rezanka

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