10 June 2011

A Photo of Me

Here is a photographic self portrait  with the monkey temporarily off my back.  (also Larry the leper is on hiatus from buggin me and seems sedate to hang high on the wall behind me (thanks Hal).

I did this because my pal Hal Weaver did a photo self-Portrait on his blog, and I haven't shown my horrible Colonel Sanders beard that I recently let take over my usually fatheaded ugly face.

This is also an excuse for not posting to my "daily" blog for the last few day..... I just have been in a "not so good mood".  Forgive me or not.  I don't care right now.


  1. Very cool Ralf, thanks' for posting that. Sorry to hear you are bummed out, but you look happy in the photo. I think the goatee makes you look like a Musketeer. Just need to get a big hat and a sword and you are set.

    OK HW

  2. I'm going to shave it off very soon. But maybe get a final photo in a white suit with a string tie and bucket of KFC!