15 February 2011

Photo vs Scanner vs Real Life

Okay, so I thought I'd get into how I turn my Actual Painted objects into a digital entity. A very contentious topic, but I'm going to be flippant, obvious and selfish.  I took various pictures of this painting "Poppies" that is actually 9" x 10.75" (my scanner bed is 8.5" x 11.75" and I don't think it can actually scan the full 11.75").
So the scanner cuts off 1/2"  I also have a HP Photsmart E427 that cost me $70 about 4 years ago. (It does max 6megapixels).  I tried it in various lighting and camera settings but mostly the lighting was flourescent and dim and I used flash and One even has the camera flash covered with a paper card.
First is the scanner. and the rest are what they are! I find it funny How different thesame picture can look!

By the way, the painting is Collage and Acylic on wood that I created in 2006.

"Poppies" (c)2006 Ralf Schulze

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  1. Yeah, much harder to take a good picture of art then most people would think.