24 February 2011

Old lost Painting

(c)1983 Ralf Schulze
  I did a series of enamel on paper at the end of my college time.  It was probably the summer and even probably after graduation because I did these in one of the painting Classrooms on the 4th floor. I used very stinky, smelly enamel paint I found in the work shop of my dad's basement.  I made about 8 or 9 of them and took slides of them.

So here is the first.  It is from a photo of me in a sailor suit when I was like 4 yrs old.   The idea was to take a photo, or even a newspaper image, and paint it upside-down with a very limited color pallet (whatever colors I found in my Dad's old enamel paint!).  I literally copied the image upside down quickly. And let the drips happen!

The Paper I used was a good size, something like 4 feet x 3 feet.  Most of the set I have no idea what happened to.
I'll post more of these in the future. look for labels of "large"

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