07 February 2011

Mantis-like Paint-sketch

I did this last year. It is pencil and acrylic paint on dark gray paper.  Original is on 12 in x 12 in but my scanner bed is only 9 in x 12 in.
It is fun and quick and I did it at my good friend Dave Currier's Studio over in Charlottesville VA.

Check out his artistic sculptural services at Currier Studios on my "links I like" list!


  1. So I guess I've already won "The Challenge"...

  2. What challenge? I forgot (already). That we comment on each others posts? Okay you won, I guess, but I thank you for inspiring me to post every day... I've been painting more now too!

  3. Good stuff Ralf. It's been fun to see your work again, both old and new.