27 October 2014

Art Book created from old 78rpm Album: "My Way" Collaboration with Dave Currier

For the past 6+ years that I've been back n Richmond VA, I've been occasionally driving to C'ville  to make art with my good friend Dave Currier.  I had these old 78 rpm "Albums" that were very popular in their time (1920s-1940s), and they aren't worth anything on ebay. So I trashed the fragile 78 records and we used the cardboard "album" to start art-books (yes there are more than just this one).  Just look through it and enjoy!  We usually worked on our own stuff while sharing Music and other mood altering stuff.  These were worked on with whatever media we were working with on our own work or if you needed to step away from your own work.  Fun and wide open to changing and manipulating each others work.
back cover


  1. I really dig that Ralf! Looks like a fun project!

    1. We probably started this and the other almost 5 years ago! Why is it when you get older, 5 years doesn't seem as long as it used to? And I know it ain't all because we are having fun...