05 February 2015

Bowl Man Cast Bronze

(c)1991 Ralf Schulze
Made this little guy many years ago!  While I worked at a small Bronze art Foundry shop in Brewster NY, they had a Christmas Holiday contest most every year to make a small edition (the size of the # of employees).  The only rule was to keep it within approx 3" cubed.   I won the contest in 1991 and about 15 people got one of these tiny little three legged bowl guys. 
The bowl is about 2.25" diameter, but with the added  "Hand"les, he is about 4.25" wide.  He is only 2" tall.  I created him originally in wax (not my favorite media - since i worked in the metal end of the bronze sculpture process) and he turned out fine! In the last pic you might see my name "RALF" on the back leg.
This is my only cast bronze sculpture!  All my others are welded or brazed together by me.

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