10 April 2011

My Mini-Comic for Mini-Comics Day

So I did a mini-comic for Mini-Comics Day, which was yesterday 9 April 2011!  Here is a short video with me talking about it.  It was more an experiment in design and a fun way to do some abstract drawing.  The title is "Captcha" which is a nickname for when you have to type in the letters you see in an image. It is used for extra security so as to avoid spamming comments etc.  This Blog host (blogger) uses it and they have "Captcha's" that are Almost words. When ever I made a comment to someone's post I wrote down the "captcha" that I had to type.
So this is a collection of my favorite 7.

Click HERE for the Facebook place for Mini-Comics Day and check out many other people's new mini-comics!!

Click THIS for my much more fun expanded version of my mini-comic "CAPTCHA"  in-process Video!!

And the most important is this LINK to my facebook photo album of each page (in black and white)!!!
I did this because it is easy to "flip" through.

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