13 January 2015

My First ACEO / Art Card / Sketch Card Revisited - kind of...

(c)2010 Ralf Schulze
This is a digitally colored image of my very first Art Card (baseball card sized [2.5" x 3.5"])

Please check out the post of the actual card that I hand colored with watercolor back in 2010, here.

Please check it out! click this now!

I manipulated it back in 2010 and  didn't have any fancy digital image manipulation software then and I still refuse to buy anything like that.  I use Gimp (open source) and  Corel Painter Essentials 4 if I really need to do some semi-high-tech stuff. 
I'm old-school and prefer to hand color stuff!
What i do like about the generally recent technology is the ability to scan or photograph so cheaply and have the "process" available to view!

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