04 January 2015

Post: Every-Other-Day 2015

Happy New year to all and welcome to my new-years-resolution-style-posting-rules:

Okay, On a whim I decided to post something every other day this year in response to my pal, Hal Weaver's vow to post an Image-a-Day!  there is a slight difference and I think I have a disadvantage, but that;s okay.
Hal will post an image a day.
My blog was started and continues to be only My art (old and New).  But now with a slightly new challenge of posting something every other day!  This is really good to get my creative juices going, so I sat down and started and continued some works in progress for a couple of hours.  But I did not finish anything. not to worry.

  So I will post some of my Illustrated Christmas Cards of the past to fill this initial void.

My apologies to anyone who is sick of Christmas stuff.... I don't care . . .  I don't have may folks looking at this blog.  It is mostly to get me to make more art and get it out there!

So, here is a rubber stamp I carved of Frosty the Snowman gone Fishing.  I did it on one of those silly "BigMistake" erasers you could buy for $1 in the 1990's.   It's about 4.5" tall and I added some fish on the sides using a rolling stamp I bought!  I sent a bunch of these out to friends, back in 1995 (+/-2 years) as postcards for Christmas!
approx (c)1995 Ralf Schulze

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  1. Glad you joined in. Yes, we have different aims with this posting-very-often project, but the goal is the same. Get those creative juices going!