07 March 2015

New drawing at Aspiring Artist Meetup

(c)2015 Ralf Schulze
Did this while at the Meetup at Taza Coffee and Creme (near Stories) on Forest Hill Ave, Richmond. Today!
Ink on 6 x 6 smooth bristol. Cropped on the pc to approx. 5 x5.

I'm not very impressed with it.but I liked the experimental elements enough to post it.

I'll post more from the Meetup later.


  1. Good on you for trying a MeetUp. I've done a couple around here but never stuck with it. I hope you connect with some new art folks.

  2. I did a meetup for comics about 2 years ago. met cool people but it fizzled after 3-4 meets. This is all new people and this was my 3 meeting with this group. They are cool! We meet every other Saturday.