01 March 2015

Old Original Hand-carved Rubber Stamps

(c)Ralf Schulze
Here is a first sample of some of the rubber stamps I carved and created back in my hard-core Mail-art period of 1986-1990. 
From top left to bottom right:
The address stamp was a drawing i sent to a company to create the rubber stamp.  The gaps on this stamping is basically rubber rot due to it being 25+years old..
The Little Aardvark popping thru the page, waving and smiling is a store bought find I couldn't resist and have used it hundreds of times!
the envelope stamp I carved from an eraser.
And I also carved the "AARDVARK MAIL"  Stamp.
The special Delivery stamp is just cool...

So I am milking it.... I have a few more hand carved rubber stamps to post in the near future.

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