15 March 2015

Old Original Hand-carved Rubber Stamps #2

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More of my old Rubber Stamps from those bygone years of Mail Art and just plain fun packaging if you happen to send me a $1 or two for my comix.
From the top left:
1. Ordered from a rubber stamp company this with the words and the font as seen.  Still a good stamp!
2.  For $5 I sent to an address on the back of  Cheerios box.  "Send a picture of yourself and we will make a rubber stamp of your moniker for only $5!" or something like that.  It actually was pretty cool and well done and I used it thousands of times!  Of course the stamp is on a yellow plastic stamp block with the Cheerios logo.  (I should take a pic of that)
3. a carved rubber stamp by an unknown person.  very well done and I do not remember how I aquired it.
4. Ditto for this skull stamp also....
5. I stamped this Aardvark thousands of times but it is now on it's last bits.... tail, snout,ears and legs have been compromised by bad storage... oh well...
6. Larry the Leper.  I carved this into an eraser.
7.dinky Doo:  I carved this into wood.  He is featured on the last panel of this comix page!
8 & 10  Psychedelic Experience carved into an eraser for Mail art Project called .. . um... just  .. guess!
9 & 11 Hands with Envelope -- Hand carved by me.

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  1. I still have some of your old correspondence decorated with some of those stamps. Hmmm, perhaps that will be mine image today...